We value our customers and do not want them to have any reason to ever go to any other
automotive repair shop for any type of repair or service. In addition to the Quality Work
performed by our Certified Mechanics we have some special deals for you. All you need to take advantage of them is a current valid “Customer Loyalty” or “Community Rewards” Card.

When you became a cardholder we told you that we would notify you of additional benefits or deals. That portion of the “Customer Loyalty” and “Community Rewards” Program is on this page of our Web Site. Your card entitles you (or any mem

ber of your immediate family) to special deals at our shop. The deals will change from time to time, and only last while they are on this page, so you need to check at least every month.


Don’t have any work done anywhere else without finding out about these additional benefits for card holders!

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