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Troy Auto Care now provides enclosed trailer towing for all of your exotic vehicle or motorcycle towing needs. Have a show car that you want to show off? Or a classic vehicle you need delivered? Did your motorcycle brake down? We can do all of that and more! give us a call!

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Continue below to see what our trailer can do and how we strive to make sure your vehicle is towed with the utmost care!

Towing Exotic Vehicles 26’ Enclosed Trailer

Trailer Feature #1 Low Profile Loading Ramp
Our trailer is designed with your low profile vehicle in mind. It features a long loading ramp allowing us to load any vehicle. We also carry additional ramp material in the event your vehicle sits very low in the front.

Trailer Feature #2 Padded Walls
Our trailer features padded walls to ensure your vehicles doors will protected during loading and unloading.

Trailer Feature #3 Winch
If your vehicle is disabled and does not run, our 10,000 lb electric winch will load your vehicle with ease.

Trailer Feature #4 Four Point Soft Strap Tie Down
Once your vehicle is loaded into the trailer we secure the vehicle to the trailer using four points of contact. Special care is taken using soft non-abrasive nylon straps through the wheels to safely secure the vehicle to the trailer.

Here are some more exotic vehicles we have towed with our Trailer!
2008 Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder

2011 Maserati Gran Turismo

2012 Bentley Continental

Interested in having your vehicle towed? Give us a Call! (248) 585-8750!


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